The stars, space, and the rest of the universe are fascinating. There are millions of colors, hidden enclaves, perhaps beings, perhaps wormholes. It's mysterious, yet astounding. It's incredible.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Giants

The universe is vast, huge, something that can't even be fathomed. It reaches beyond the power of our imagination into depths we don't understand, and that we may never understand. So we have to set our sights smaller. Our solar system, in the far corner of our galaxy, is just small piece of the giant puzzle of universe. But it's our piece, and it's a piece we can understand.

There eight planets in the solar system - sorry, Pluto - each one them unique and different from each other.

There are two planets, however, which are the giants of our solar system. They're bigger than the rest and have some very unique and intriguing attributes. What are they?

The two planets are the most similar to each other out of all the planets within our little neighborhood. They're both made out of gases; they both have over ten moons orbiting them; and they have rings systems.

So, what makes them different?

  • Jupiter is closer to the sun and has a diameter which is three times bigger than Saturn.
  • The mass of Jupiter is the largest in the solar system; it's three times bigger than Saturn.
  • Jupiter looks much more red, and Saturn very yellow. Jupiter has the famous 'red' spot, and string of clouds and gases.
  • Saturn has a very extensive ring system that can be seen through a telescope; compared to Jupiter's rings which are very, very faint.
  • The density of the two planets is very different. Jupiter has mostly heavy metals, and is extremely dense; while Saturn is a little less dense than water.
  • Jupiter's magnetic field is a lot more intense than Saturn; if we were to try and land on one of the two planets, Saturn would be a much more viable option.

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