The stars, space, and the rest of the universe are fascinating. There are millions of colors, hidden enclaves, perhaps beings, perhaps wormholes. It's mysterious, yet astounding. It's incredible.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hubble Pictures

One of my favorite things to look at in the entire world - or perhaps I should say in the universe - are the pictures that are produced by Hubble. They are, simply, amazing. They give us insights of the universe that were never even fathomable before. They are, at times, like through a window of a time machine, allowing us to view light that is - at times - millions of years old. Talk about some real life science fiction.

Here are some of my favorite Hubble pictures.

  • The most famous of all Hubble images. This one captures the pure vastness of space, and the wonder that the deepest corners possess.


  • Not the most pretty of Hubble images, but certainly one of the most important. Late in 2009 Hubble was made to look a piece of space that looked utterly black to the human eye. But, oh how it was so much more. This image shows some of the oldest pieces of the universe. 600 million light years away, this little image has over ten galaxies, meaning over a billion stars. Feeling small yet?


  • My favorite out of all Hubble images. A couple galaxies overlapping each other... what's really going on out there in the universe?

Hubble can look into deep space, but why can't we send anyone to Mars?

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